Friday, June 15, 2007

is Nifong a genius?

Not only did this man use the media before to help his election, to make a political case on racial biases in Raleigh Durham, North Carolina against minorities. Has any welathy minorities from the north been to Raleigh in the early 90's? Was that person racially biased against? Could that happen today? Yes!

I had two classmates from my high school that went to Duke university. And, I can tell you that both became attornies, and people I would never be friends with. Why? Can you get the hint.

I think Nifong is brilliant in admitting his fault, and he is using language and intelligence to make the Duke University look bad. How? He is bringing up subject matter issues, spinning in a brilliant way to discuss the racial bias, being humble, and hypothetical situation of racial and sexual discrimination. Especially of the parties abnormal shutting down, and an implied. He is implying and suggesting that mistakes were made, in the Duke U. Sexual rape case. He is brilliant, as he leaves this implication that the Duke University Powers did not talk, and the case could not be moved forward.


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