Monday, April 23, 2007

Why Blog? It's considered News, Free Blogs

Check this out Blog pal, it's crazy:
On 4/22/07, <> wrote:
What's a Blog, and why people don't fully understand it power yet?

Simple Answer:  Its a weblog
I asked a ton of people, at least 20 about this topic in the last 7 days, and rarely did anyone really know the exact answer.  But that really does not matter.  I got comments such as, it's a forum, it's a chronological series of posts, it's your opinion, its a Website.

Who cares, and why should you?

I heard a 67 year old real estate agent who has 12 listings at this exact moment tell me today.  Joe a real estate agent who runs in Whidbey Island is a friend of mine, he also works for Windermere Real Estate as a waterfront specialist.  Simply put, Joe said a blog's biggest impact is it's ability to get the ear or attention of Search Engines.  Which helps directly in SEO, Search Engine Optimization.  Search Engines like Google love to index news, and current news, and end user generated news and information.  Why?  Because news and local information, especially by independant experts is what makes the Internet really special.

So getting a blog may not seem to be more important than a website, but think about it, what good is a website if it does not have current and up to date information.  That is why you are seeing a lot of Blogging tools become more and more like a website tool.  Our favorite is, and we have actually settled on this platform for our Blogging tool.

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