Sunday, April 23, 2006

Rumors, Cabo San Lucas and Seattle

I was on a flight back to Seattle yesterday from Cabo San Lucas through Salt Lake City. There were about 20 plus of us, that were coming to Seattle, and not all of us knew each other. So what's the big deal, well here are the Rumors, that Seattle is about to acquire Cabo San Lucas? Ok, just kidding, hot. Spots cities in different countries are not for sale. Well, that is an analogy for sure. But west coast vacationers have been going down to Cabo San Lucas for so many new years, that Cabo is a thriving modern Mexico destination. In fact, Cabo San Lucas real estate maybe as expensive as Seattle real estate. And, in and around the water it is probably more expensive.

I mention the flight, as on the Flight back to Seattle we had a recent movie. The movie had the name Rumor in it, sorry I can't remember the full name. But it had Kevin Costner and Jennifer Aniston. It talked about the Internet enough to get my attention. And than there was also mention of Cabo San Lucas in one of the main aspects of the plot of the movie. If a city makes a movie, especially a recent movie, along with San Francisco, Internet, it's hot. The movie makers make popular trendy suggestions in all of their scenes. So to me Cabo is hot, it's made the movies!

So what about the fake rumor and Cabo being acquired by Seattle? Well, let's see, 20 people going to Cabo in a non-Spring break, non busy tourist season, would mean that we are going down there. If we are going down there, we are also buying real estate. That's just my guess, we smart traveler types, like to buy real estate:-). So if you buy real estate in Cabo San Lucas, and you live in Seattle. Some might make the case that Seattle is acquiring Cabo San Lucas. Well, we are but not really. We are too few and too far. I would say that the west coast vacation hot spot is definitly Cabo, and Cabo San Lucas is growing like hot cakes. And, this little Seattle Real Estate Agent has found a vacation hot spot!

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