Thursday, April 13, 2006

Hot Shot Tech Guys get reality check on Real Estate

Have any of you have been watching the entree of Zillow etc, from Seattle in to the real estate industry? I had a conversation with a Seattle real estate agent who was a little more than perturbed by the technology claims of a local Seattle real estate technology company. That company, a real estate broker with a high tech exec running a cool website, only had 1 sale up to February of 2006. I was surprised, this same real estate agent who told me this, told me that she tired of these real estate internet companies, lieing to consumers. Well my friend from Seattle old world real estate company, I couldn't agree with you more. I love your energy, you do work for an old guard real estate company, but I love the ethics that you operate with. I am a real estate agent, but I was a high tech Millionaire before I became a real estate agent in Seattle, so I am more of a tech and tend to side with them more than real estate agents. I think most high tech companies and employees want no rules, and no structure in my opinion, they are more right than wrong, though I don't think they should get a bad name as most of people I associate with are super nice.

So how do hot shot techies get a reality check, get real? They must walk in the shoes of a real estate agent, a real estate broker. I believe that to have empathy for a profession, to solve an industries problem, you have to know it really well. If you don't you are lien's to your self, your investors, and are simply a hot shot, with no sense of reality.

Technology industry is my favorite, and so is the real estate industry. I am finally agreeing, and appreciating the fact that I love real estate. I am tired of techies, who think they know it all. I am an acclaimed technologist by anyone's standards, I co-founded a search engine type technology company. We sold it after the bust, I have a degree in MIS, but it is in the application of technology to solve real estate and other real world problems that I am passionate about. So hot shots will come and go, the true success to anyone will always be based on solving real world problems, by knowing the industry, and having empathy for others. Two things that are not in the dictionary of Hot Shots!

Real Estate agents add value because real estate purchase and sales are very complicated. I do believe that technology applications are going to change the real estate industry dramatically in the upcoming years. They already have for most of us real estate agents in Seattle.


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