Thursday, March 23, 2006

Seattle Real estate Bubble, it's about to Blow?

Not a chance, because Seattle Metro has a surplus of jobs. Do you know any one looking for a job? I knew a lot of people who were looking for jobs in Seattle in 2001, and 2002. People actually commuted them selves away to Mid West mecca such as my home town of Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota.

Real estate in the Twin Cities slowed down in the last year too. We are starting to see the market slow down here, I don't see too many homes with multiplr offers, and I certainly see listings stay on the market a little longer. I also think a slow down in the Seattle and other real estate hot markets, will slow down, take a break and I'd the jobs continue to grow. It's all about the jobs as I have been saying for 2 1/2 years on my Seattle houses Blog. So the interest rates have probably peaked too, and I think the average speculative investors in Real estate won't rush in either. The smart real estate investora see proceeding cautiously.

So what is a real estate agent to do, to succeed in a slowing real estate market. Sell more houses, I say, well work with Moe home buyers, it's not just about the listings. I think the traditional real estate agents are in for a little ride awakening. Old world guard, good old boys network corporate types are getting their short handed to them by smart internet real estate websites such as Zillow, House Values, CraigsList and a slew of others on their way such a I am biased is a hybrid Internet, it's actually started by me, while I was selling real estate full time as an Agent!

Their are smart real estate companies such as Keller Williams, and Zip Realty, they see focused on consumer and real estate agent needs. Keller Williams offers their real estate agents a fully customizable web site for free. I can't wait to go on a panel with a bunch of old world guard real estate agents from those dieung dinosaurs. I will tell them that they are the one's that created the internet real estate monsters.

When I worked for one of those large slow moving boys network company, I actually have them de advice. Instead they could have used their brains for smart strategy and real estate marketing know how. After I left that company, one of my old techie employees was being recruited to go work for their technology group, guess what he turned them down, with out any insights from me. Smart tech guy he was, and is. Ok he is from Wisconsin and Twin cities too!

Ok, it's not just a big company thing, its a lack of intelligence thing. Instead of taking my high tech millionaire brain and skills, they chose to loose market share. I see it happen in their own real estate agents. That large company has a real estate agent who became the number #1 real estate agent in their office, by buying keyword ads pay per click ads. Tgat company thinks they see advanced, my first week at Keller Williams I had technology at my disposal that have me the tools to compete.

So real estate agents of tomorrow will not be afraid of technology, they will relish in it's advantage. I know, I along with lots of smart real estate agents and smart real estate companies are changing the way real estate buyers and sellers do business today. How, we'll stay tuned to this Blog, we will tell you step by step and give you all of the tools for free or at little cost.

All opinions on this article see biased, I am a licensed real estate agent with Keller Williams North Seattle. I am also the founder of a real estate agent website portal for consumers and real estate agents.

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