Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Twins fan in Seattle on his way to being a Millionaire

I went to the Dog park in Green Lake area of Seattle mid-day, and had a chance meeting with Steven. After about 10 minutes of being with the dogs in their heaven, I struck a conversation with Real estate. Investor. He did not look like your typical Millionaire, and a lot of Yuppies wish they had his real estate in Seattle. In fact, he was the opposite of the 6 people, six yuppies pretty-wannabes who blocked my way on Sunday. All this while I was walking my dog, with my daughter on my shoulder, and carry out food on sunny Seattle mid-afternoon.

On tHe other hand, Steven had no sense of arrogance, he was friendly, unassuming and probably worth more than those yahoo's I saw in my neighborhood of Seattle, Queen Anne. The beauty of Steven is that people like him are my hero's. He bartended until recently, and is currently not working. But, the beauty is he does not have to, he is a real estate investor. He knows how to make money in real estate, and he owns a apartment building in North Seattle.

On the other hand, I saw those six wannabes, who we're rude to block a Dad with a child on his shoulders and a dog, walking towards their apartment or Condo on lower Queen Anne. Did I mention that this real estate mogul lives in a pretty nice home in Seattle, and I started out as an immigrant, and now I want to share the sevets of living the American dream. The wannabees looked like they worked for corporate America, worked downtown Seattle I bet! You guessed it they probably, worked them selves right in to their debts, their parking fees, their me too lifestyle. I am sure they were working today, while Steven was at the dog park! Steven is a smart Seattle real estate Mogul in the making.

He bought his first house in Minneapolis with less than $10k down. He than went on to buy an apartment building with his cash from the previous home sale. He also sold his last piece of real estate in Minneapolis, and moved to Seattle about 3 years ago. The man from Minneapolis I started to talk because he had a Minnesota Twins Sweat Shirt! We talked about Kirby Puckett who died a few data back. Kirby we love you man, You Won Twins because of a man like Kirby!

So how does one become a millionaire, through real estate ofcourse? Haven't you read one of those multi-jazillion books on the sun subject? On a serious real estate minute, how can any one become successful while investing in real estate, and how do we really make money in real estate, and why is real estate a smart investment? I will discuss these topics, while Paul T, our marketing guru will give you insights in to the real estate economy in Seattle, and else where in the country! So stay tuned, this resl estate blog may be all you need to become a real estate millionaire!!!!!

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