Thursday, October 23, 2008

Is adCenter.Microsoft better then Adwords.Google for you?

It sure can be, especially if cheaper is added to the mix. This is no major news, if you would have read our marketing book, we mention that MSN Live search and AdCenter.Microsoft is a great way to lower your search marketing expenses. The key is to make sure you get enough traffic, and certainly the 3rd biggest search engine has enough traffic for most keywords, and yet just as many targeted search based clicks. We just proved this, as we started to advertise on it for our heaters from The average cost for per click is less than 10times cheaper, and we are getting enough traffic. We don’t advertise on Google, as simply said we can’t afford to. We simply have been focused on SEO for google, but Pay Per click on MSN makes sense for us. Forgive the shameless self promotion “The family has got to eat with heaters this winter”:-)
We get asked this question of why our Infrared Heater is one of the best heaters for energy saving and considered better then Edenpure brands? Well you decide, we think that the Edepure brand is a powerful advertising and innovation business, but here are our infrared heater facts:
Why our Infrared Heaters are better than a Eden Pure Heater?
You decide!
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Do own a Infrared space heaters? Why Not? Have you learned about the Infrared Heater technology yet, or seen one of their ads on radio or the news papers? Yes those ads are for the EdenPure Infrared Heaters, not our ComfortZone Quartz Infrared heater but, our product is made at the same manufacturing plant that theirs was built last year. But ours actually has a few other features that their’s does not. Do you know about Microsoft? Some say, they don’t invent anything, they just make things better. That is what I feel about our better than eden pure heaters. Our Infrared heater, has a digital thermostat screen, you can adjust the heat by one degree in stead of three degrees, you can change the light bulb, in case it goes out, instead of replacing the whole unit. Our Infrared Heaters is also one of the best looking units as far as a heaters any way:-).
Now you won’t ask why it’s better than EdenPure Heater? Will you. yes, there are some more reasons from a previous post, CZ Infrared Heater is better than EdenPure Heaters because:
1. It has a digital screen for you to see the temperature you are setting to. Hello isn’t a thermostat or knowing your temperature setting the most important thing in a Infrared heater? Well yes, that is a rhetoric question I asked.
2. It is a more energy saving heater than eden pure as you can adjust by 1 degree instead of 2 or three, saves more energy. That is the most important reason you buy our Infrared heaters, isn’t it, to save money and energy.
3. The darker wood panel makes it more attractive, matches your higher quality look and feel. Your Infrared Heater should not get in the way of your homes esthetics, should it?
4. It has replacement parts for better maintenance, you don’t have to replace the whole unit or get it serviced if your light bulbs are gone bad, believe it or not we don’t want you to replace the whole unit. Wow, in the worst case it will save you more hassle than an EdenPure heater. Wow!
5. Our technology is more advanced as we patented the process and our founder Bruce is a genius, he actually use to sell Eden Pure heaters.
**Oh yeah we hear that Infrared Heater is therapeutic, but Eden Pure heaters put out that same great heat so that is not a good enough reason to place above. We do want to thank the Edenpure folks for promoting the Infrared Heater concept though.
Need more reasons? Well we are from the Pacific Northwest, Seattle and Yelm Washington. Our part of the country is known for it’s environmental concern and quality of life. Our state of Washington is known as the Evergreen state, so it’s no wonder that we are concerned about the environment and working on making our Infrared Heaters much better than Eden pure heater brand. We care about the environment too, so won’t you help us by buying a unit or two and promoting our cause. There are just too many skeptics when the new technology comes in first.
Our main website for Infrared Heater and other products that are better than eden pure heaters is being designed at So there you have it, buy a better than Edenpure Infrared heater from us, because they truly are better than that other brand!
Thanks folks! Full disclosure here, we are from ComfortZone Infrared Heater so we are biased, but we are trying our best to be fair and let you speak your comments!


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